Logan Paul ‘Humiliates’ Tyron Woodley During Fight

Tyron Woodley Vs Jake Paul was one of the most talked about boxing cards of the year and for good reason as it featured what was arguably the toughest test to date for the YouTube star turned boxer.



This Logan Paul & Nicki Minaj bombshell recently leaked. During a recent appearance on True Geordie’s YouTube channel, Logan Paul re-watched highlights from his brother’s fight against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley which took place earlier this Summer. As he watched, he told Geordie what he was shouting to Woodley in order to play mindgames with the former UFC Welterweight Champion. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following comments below.

Logan Paul: I was screaming a lot, I also was fucking with Tyron. I said some fucked up shit bro. I screamed at him and said: “Tyron, you’re the worst guest on Impaulsive! Fact!” Jake said that was the one thing that he heard me say of all the things that I said.

Logan Paul is also in the middle of a new beef – this time with late night television host, Jimmy Kimmel. It all started when Kimmel would mention the popular internet content creator turned combat sports star during one of his monologues. Credit to TMZ for the below.

This big name’s ‘racial’ remark to Logan Paul also leaked recently. Kimmel chirped: “”Between Logan Paul and Donald Trump, boxing is once again the top source of income for the very worst people,”

However, Logan Paul apparently doesn’t find anything funny about the line as he retorted with the following remark during a recent edition of his “Impaulsive” podcast: “F*** you, Jimmy Kimmel. F*** you. Continuing Paul would say:

“Your writers are so lacking content and creativity they had to do some lame-ass Paul joke??”

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