Logan Paul In Trouble With Triple H Backstage

Triple H is trying to block Logan Paul from winning the Money in the Bank match. BWE tweeted, “H doesn’t want LP to win MITB. And there are few discussions of LP to feud with LAK.”



WWE’s upcoming Money in the Bank event, scheduled to take place at London’s O2 Arena on July 1st, has generated significant anticipation and speculation. One major development surrounding the event involves the involvement of popular social media personality Logan Paul.

Logan Paul’s inclusion in the 2023 Money in the Bank match has generated a great deal of attention and changed the dynamics of the match itself. Previously, LA Knight and Damian Priest were considered the frontrunners to win the match. However, recent reports suggest that Logan Paul has emerged as the favorite to come out victorious.

While LA Knight and Damian Priest still remain strong contenders, there have been internal discussions within WWE to consider giving the win to Logan Paul. The rationale behind this idea is that Paul’s involvement would bring a significant amount of publicity and draw more attention to the company.

Money in the Bank is traditionally a highly anticipated event for WWE, and its importance has grown in recent years. If Logan Paul were to emerge as the winner of the Money in the Bank match, it could potentially open the door for a championship run for him, aligning with previous discussions that took place about his involvement in WWE.

While LA Knight and Damien Priest are the current favorites to win the upcoming Money In The Bank match, there have been internal pitches to give the win to Logan Paul.

Some feel that Paul holding the briefcase would bring publicity and put more eyes on the company.

It is important to note that these reports are based on speculation and internal discussions within WWE. The actual outcome of the Money in the Bank match and Logan Paul’s involvement will be revealed during the event itself. Fans and viewers will have to tune in to see how the situation unfolds and if Logan Paul does indeed become Mr. Money in the Bank.

Harrison Carter
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