Logan Paul Leaks ‘Humiliating’ Jake Instagram DM’s

The Paul Brothers, Logan Paul and Jake Paul have been in the headlines for their bouts and controversial comments. But, it turns out they could even go up against each other for a fight as well.



Logan Paul reveals chats with Jake Paul

It has been noted how the Youtuber stars, Logan and KSI have kept their rivalry in the past and moved forward. They were also seen on The KSI Show recently and they have turned their rivalry into a good friendship now. Jake Paul ‘Rejects’ KSI Fight For Sad Reason

Jake took note of it and recently mocked Logan for reconciling with the British rapper and posting a photo. He went on to say that he could beat them both. This led to Logan sending some Instagram DM’s to brother Jake.

Check out the Instagram DMs below:

Jake Paul says he will expose UFC

Jake Paul said he’s ‘exposing’ Dana White and Co. with his boxing bout against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.  He is very confident in squaring off against ‘The Chosen One’ – and explained how he is ‘exposing’ the UFC and the ‘striking capabilities’ of their fighters.

He said:

“I think I’m exposing the UFC a bit with their striking capabilities.  They just take it at face value, which is, ‘This is a fight’. It’s not that. He’s coming into my territory, and as crazy as it sounds, I’m a much better boxer than him – even though he’s been doing it for five times as long.”

They are set to lock horns on August 29 and we will see who emerges victorious in the bout.

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Bishal Roy
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