Logan Paul ‘Passes Out Drunk’ In Video

The Youtuber turned pro boxer Logan Paul  was recently scheduled to film a Vlog with Mike Majlak. But Mike found him passed out drunk inside his home.



Logan then went on to admit that he has constantly been drinking since fighting the undefeated star Floyd Mayweather last month.

Logan Paul opens up fighting Floyd Mayweather again

The YouTube star had survived the eight-round exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather and the bout had ended in a draw.  Jake Paul Girlfriend Drops ‘Affair’ Bombshell

He has now said to TMZ: “Let me ask you what you’d rather see – Jake Paul vs Floyd or me vs Floyd again?”

Here is what he said about another potential bout with ‘Money’:

“Because, let me tell you something, if I fight Floyd again, I promise I’ll knock him out.I’ve got him figured out. I got it. At the end of the eighth round he was breathing heavy, I was coming alive.It’s going to be a 10 or 12-round fight, if we run it back, and this time I finish him.”

Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother, is set to fight former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in Cleveland on August 29.



Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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