Logan Paul Posts Donald Trump Drinking Photo

WWE star Logan Paul recently took to Twitter after former United States President Donald Trump was seen at UFC 287 with a bottle of Prime.



Fans believe it’s a marketing strategy

The former US President was in attendance at UFC 287 in the Miami-Dade Arena, Florida. He was seated in the front row alongside legendary boxer Mike Tyson, Kid Rock, and UFC President Dana White. This is not the first time that Trump was seen at a UFC event. They were spotted in the cageside seats.

Donald Trump’s appearance at the UFC also drew attention from YouTube sensation Logan Paul. The Maverick reacted to Trump holding a bottle of Prime during the event.

An important thing to note is that Logan inked a deal with the UFC earlier this year to make Prime the official drink of the company.

This caught the attention of fans since Logan is the founder of Prime Hydrate, and the tweet was seen as a marketing gimmick by some. They reacted to Paul’s tweet and even shared some advice for the WWE star.

Here are some of the reactions:

  • “@LoganPaul @PrimeHydrate @MikeTyson Marketing genius”
  • “@LoganPaul @PrimeHydrate @MikeTyson @LoganPaul So happy for you man! You said this was the best year of your life. I think there is much better to come. Celebrating happiness with you.”
  • “@LoganPaul @PrimeHydrate @MikeTyson Logs is the Goat of advertising😂🔥”
  • “@LoganPaul @PrimeHydrate @MikeTyson trump with prime with mike tyson just there. if i owned prime id sit down like i’ve just completed life”

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