Logan Paul ‘Problematic’ Drug Struggles Leaks

The YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Logan Paul had previously revealed that he has quit smoking marijuana just in time for Christmas. He asserts that the drug is very powerful despite what others have to say. In an episode of Impaulsive, Paul went into detail about his journey towards sobriety. He explained that it was time to take the step when he realized that his use of the drug was becoming “problematic”. It was also revealed by Logan Paul that he had previously called ambulance after a drug problem. While detailing his issues, Paul had revealed that he suffered from some of these withdrawal symptoms. People often relapse due to the awful feeling they experience from these consequences.



On quitting smoking weed:

“I knew there was going to be a day where I had to call it quits. When I realized that I was high more than I wasn’t high, it was a little problematic. Waking up groggy, I’m going to sleep high, it was a disaster. December 24th, I felt it in my heart. I was like, ‘Today’s the day, I’m done’… Cold turkey… Here I am going through weed withdrawals and my whole family is celebrating Christmas. For me, my withdrawals are very aggressive, man.”

‘Maverick’ went on to state that he would become extremely irritable and lose his appetite during his withdrawals. While he was quick to admit his own shortcomings with drugs.

You can check out the podcast below:

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