Logan Paul Responds To Jake Stealing Diaz Fight

Logan Paul, a well-known YouTube personality and boxer, recently gave his reaction to his brother Jake Paul’s upcoming fight against Nate Diaz. Jake Paul, who suffered his first professional boxing loss to Tommy Fury in February 2022, has now confirmed his next opponent as former UFC superstar Nate Diaz. It is worth noting that Paul and Diaz had previously exchanged words on social media last year regarding a potential fight.



During a recent interview with InsideFighting, Logan Paul was asked about his thoughts on the upcoming bout between his brother and Diaz. In response, ‘The Maverick’ gave a brief and to-the-point answer. While he did not provide any detailed analysis or predictions about the fight, he simply stated his thoughts on how the fight looks.

Although Logan Paul’s response may have been short, it is clear that he is paying attention to his brother’s career and is invested in his success. As both brothers continue to make waves in the world of boxing, it will be interesting to see how their careers progress and what other fights they have in store for their fans.

“I think this guy might be running from me…We have the sweetest deal for him. He knows the type of numbers that I’d bring in and I’m a 0-1 YouTuber, seems like an easy fight no?…It’s Nate Diaz. Yeah, It’s Nate Diaz. I thought I had something locked in, then he called and said the fight is off.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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