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Long term plans for Brock Lesnar and the Universal title

Brock Lesnar

Finn Balor was a heavy favourite to win the Fatal Five Way #1 contender’s match at Extreme Rules and face Brock Lesnar, but his fans were left disappointed when Samoa Joe claimed the victory. Though the hopes of seeing Balor vs. Lesnar are not completely dead yet.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE is still planning Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34.

Although before the grand event, the company allegedly plans to give both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins a shot at the title in form of singles matches in the time between now and WrestleMania.

Regarding the upcoming match between Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar, the wrestling journalists confirmed what we noted before. He stated that Joe is in for a short feud with Lesnar and his upcoming match against The Beast is expected to be a one-off deal.

About Braun Strowman the newsletter repeated the reports stating that he is expected to challenge Brock Lesnar for his title at SummerSlam which most likely would also be a one-time matchup.

  • D2K

    Correct. He was also part of Stu Hart’s Dungeon in the late 80s. He had some enhancement matches in the WWF (he was a jobber.) Then he got sick with malaria as you mentioned. Afterwards when he got well he started studying Escrima and Tae Kwon Do to get his strength and muscle-mass back.

    It was Owen Hart and Brian Pillman that helped Blackman get back in the WWF. Even though martial-arts became his gimmick, it was more of a shoot because by that time he was a legit martial-artist.

  • CC

    One match is not a feud, short or otherwise.

  • CC

    Also throwing in Blackmans name as an example, when anyone with any knowledge would know that Blackman started as a wrestler, moved into martial arts when he fell ill, then came back to wrestling and then had to live the martial arts gimmick.

  • CC

    You think someone who is an amateur wrestling champion only KNOWS one move?
    This is his current gimmick, playing on the fact he is dominant and a MMA fighter.
    His original run with the company played more to his amateur wrestling background.

    As for Blackman, while I would not say he was “more” of a wrestler, I will say that your knowledge is obviously lacking seeing as once again, Blackman started out as a wrestler, not a martial artist. The martial arts thing just became his gimmick after he switched to that at one point.

  • D2K

    Unfortunately with WWE management lately they seem to want to deliberately go against what the fans want just for Vince to entertain himself. Right now Strowman is over, but we’ve seen so many stutter-pushes before that have killed careers (paging Dolph Ziggler.) Hopefully that doesn’t happen to Strowman.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    If the people really love Strowman leading up to Summerslam expect a title change. The people love Strowman and it not being force like Roman Reigns. They like Strowman because he new an fresh he will hold that title someday mark my words he will be the best Unverlasial Champion so far.

  • D2K

    I could go for Strowman winning the title from Lesnar and holding it for awhile. I think if any guy on the current roster should finish Lesnar it should be Samoa Joe. They’ve already planted a seed for that with Joe saying that he wants Brock’s spot. I think their GBOF match should end in some type of no-contest where there is no definitive outcome so that another Lesnar-Joe match could happen later on.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I agree it would suck if Roman Reigns retires Brock Lesnar but I just see it coming a mile away. Why else are they giving Brock Lasner one more title run. I personally hope Brock Lasner lost the title way before WM which might happen. Because I still believe Strowman when he returns is he gets a lot of fan pops a title change could still happen at Summerslam.

  • Yespage

    Lesnar’s current personna is a one trick pony, which is annoying because he is an extremely good wrestler who was one move short of one of the best WM matches against Kurt Angle.

  • D2K

    Uh, no…………..that’s not even close to being true. Brock is more of a “wrestler” than most of the people on the roster. I’m not sure how long you’ve watched WWE but Brock Lesnar is a tremendous wrestler. I suggest watching WWE programming from 2002-2004 on the WWE network if you can.

    Are we really gonna start doing this? Giving Lesnar the ‘Hulk Hogan treatment?’ Saying that he can’t wrestle because he doesn’t wrestle? Let’s not take it there.

  • D2K

    It would stink if Roman Reigns was allowed to “retire” the guy that broke the Streak of the the guy he also “retired.” There is only so much people can take. That being said, I’m not sure why Brock Lesnar would walk away now. He’s getting paid a crap-ton of money to do German Suplexes 10 times a year. You can’t beat that with a baseball-bat.

    However, I think that he may be getting tired of this act as much as we are. After Reigns there really is nothing left for him to do other than possibly a rematch with The Rock as some point. I think that since it was The Rock that gave Brock his first world title, (and for WWE to make up for blowing Sting-Taker) a Brock-Rock career-ending match would be good copy for a Wrestlemania.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Brock isn’t even a wrestler. Knowing only ONE move does not make you a wrestler. Not to mention no mic skills….Steve Blackman was more of a wrestler than Brock lesner is! That’s pretty sad

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe this is also Brock Lasner last run in the WWE. I believe Roman Reigns retires Brock Lasner. But Lasner will never be a great WWE champion in my book. I also have said hate part time as WWE Universal and WWE champion. Yeah in the past Hogan prime it was different today Raw needs there champion on every show.

  • M

    Don’t disagree with you, I just don’t care for how they’re handling everything with championship and the superstars. When Goldberg beat Brock in that squash match just to set up the match at WM, I threw credibility right out the window and saw nothing but bs. Brock’s still credible despite that but it’s all just been horribly set up. An entire year the belt just to “finally” get Reigns over. He’s already “The Guy” so all of this just feels like a waste of time if that’s what is the end result.

  • Maurice

    Your right definitely forgot about that one

  • D2K

    I have to respectfully disagree with the last sentence. Lesnar and CM Punk had a classic at SummerSlam 2013. That was arguably the best match either guy had put on. The rest you said I agree totally.

  • Maurice

    I didn’t read any of the other comments so I don’t know if anyone said this already but are you being serious things that worked 30 years ago in professional wrestling do not work today he should be defending that title at least once a month I’m not even saying he has to show up on Raw why not at least just have him at a pay-per-view once a month to defend a title the universal title hasn’t even been around for a year yet and someone taking the title and leaving for 3 months is not helping it become any more prestigious beyond that it doesn’t really seem like Lesnar attracts people to watch wrestling in the way WWE thinks he does really seems like people are getting tired of him because all his matches are exactly the same this is a guy who could have a 5 Star match every time yet he hasn’t had one of those since 2003-2004

  • D2K

    I think that we are so used to seeing the title defended so often than now with this part-time champions it throws everything in weird space. I think you brought up the key point here.

    Hulk Hogan didn’t defend his title as much as modern champions do today, but there were less avenues for that to take place. They did have all these live shows that they do today. If Prime Time Wrestllng was a live weekly even back in the 80s like RAW is today, you would have seen Hogan defending title more on TV.

    WWF Superstars Of Wrestling and WWF Wrestling Challenge were both talent-enhancement shows to get mid-carders ready FOR Hogan, and to keep story-lines fresh. It’s like you said though, Hogan was still involved. He was still around doing things. He’d cut promos, he’d get interviewed by Mean Gene, Craig DeGeorge, or sometimes Vince McMahon periodically. He’d wrestle a match on Superstars every once in awhile.

    I remember that he would always wrestle on Memorial Day weekend. I’ll never forget the match that he had one Memorial Day weekend episode against Cowboy Bob Orton where he clothes-lined him so hard over the top rope that the momentum made him do another 360 over the guard-rail!

    Hogan would be on the Snake Pit, the Brother Love Show, and Piper’s Pit as well. Obviously he appeared on most Saturday Night’s Main Event shows, and he wrestle a ton of house show. Now while Brock does do some house shows sprinkled in here and there, he did nowhere near as many as Hogan did. That’s something that people NEVER talk about is all the house show work Hogan did. That’s where the talent made the majority of their money and many wrestlers have talked about being glad to be on the card with Hogan no matter where because they knew they were good get paid handsomely because Hogan was there and he was the main event most of the time. So Hogan was engaged in a lot of activity.

    Brock Lesnar is just GHOST. This dude is just up in Canada chillin’ with the Universal title. That’s not a good look for WWE. I don’t have a problem with him doing that. I just have a problem with him doing that with the TITLE. The champion cannot be so aloof and reclusive. He doesn’t have to defend the title all the time, but he needs to be on RAW at least twice a month in non-title affairs. That’s not asking too much.

  • JC Bolden

    He may not have defended his title often but he was working, getting touches, and helping the overall product. If he defends 4-10x per year but is actually there doing tags, non titles ect I’m ok with that. And yes those guys you spoke of definitely. In addition there are other people that could get into some one on one match ups as well without the title on the line. To your point it may have worked in previous eras but so did the attitude era. All business evolve.

  • MrDr3w

    Look back at the championship matches that took place in the 80’s. Pay specific attention to the dates of each title defense. Bruno Sammartino, arguably the greatest champion of all time, never defended his title more than four times each year. The WWE was built and popularized while this kind of thing was going on. Apparently that system worked back then, if the company is still in business today. Forgive them for reverting back to their original system that drew massive crowds when the title did get defended.

    What talent are they wasting by having the belt on Lesnar? Balor? The guy is made of glass and would probably LITERALLY get broken in half.

    Rollins? Been there, done that. Then he got hurt. Then he came back, and got hurt AGAIN.

    Reigns? You said talent, so you can’t possibly be referring to him.

    Wyatt has kinda been floundering for years. I was a huge Wyatt mark, but he’s gotten boring lately. He needs to revamp his gimmick and maybe drop a few lbs before he gets a title run.

    Samoa Slow? Eh, he’d probably be the best choice of those five.

    Strowman has gotten much better, but he still has a ways to go before he can be seen as a legit threat to Lesnar’s title.

  • MrDr3w

    Give more credibility to the guy who ended The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Give more credibility to the guy who squashed SuperCena in minutes. Give more credibility to the guy who destroyed Randy Orton. Give more credibility to the guy who pretty much annhialates everyone they put in the ring with him. Yeah, okay…

    According to the IWC’s definition of a “burial” (1. beating someone clean once 2. Making someone look bad in the ring once), he’s buried just about everyone he’s faced, including SuperCena.

  • JC Bolden

    I’m a Lesnar fan but this is stupid. He doesn’t bring prestige to the title by defending it once every 3months. It’s wasting everyone’s time, talent, and potential match ups. People day Hogan did this but Hogan appeared on superstars and challenge at least showing up cutting promos and doing house shows.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Personally I’d like to see Bray Wyatt beat Lesnar at some point, so Bray can feud with Stroman and lose the belt to his former protege.

  • M

    Joe, Balor and Strowman will have to put Brock over just to give Him more credibility when Reigns finally defeats him. Although Goldberg pinned him clean in a squash match and eliminated him from the RR. No f***ing logic in this title reign whatsoever. Reading it is just as bad as thinking about it. As long as Brock doesn’t bury anyone I guess this can be tolerable.