Lots of News and Notes from the Deal or No Deal Tapings with WWE Superstars

Source: PWInsider



– Here are some notes from the Deal or No Deal tapings from yesterday featuring WWE Superstars and Divas:

* Maria and Eve Torres were the briefcase girls and Dolph Ziggler was the banker. Apparently Batista was there but didn’t appear as a part of the show.

* 5 episodes were taped that should start airing around the third week in November.

* Promos were filmed at the end of the tapings featuring the three WWE personalities with each other and then the three with host Howie Mandel. WWE also had cameras there to interview the three. The only WWE program promoted at the tapings was SmackDown on MyNetworkTV.

* One of the contestants, Mikey, wore wrestling gear and a replica WWE belt with a Deal or No Deal sticker and a picture of Howie Mandel on it. Another contestant tried to cut a promo towards Dolph Ziggler and told him he had two words for him – suck it. Some of the contestants said they were going to use their winnings for a trip to WrestleMania.

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