Former Champion who chose GFW over WWE Gone from the company

Per reports from Pwinsider, former GFW X Division Champion Low Ki is the latest star to leave the company after the likes of Matt Morgan and Magnus.



The reason behind it is not clear and there are several different reports about what ultimately led to his departure from the company.

According to one report, the issues were financial and a dispute over his pay led to his departure. It’s worth mentioning here that the former ROH Star was reportedly working both as a producer and as an active wrestler for the company.

Another report says that he was not happy with the creative direction of his character and it’s the reason why he chose to leave.

Low Ki was originally supposed to face Alberto Del Rio during the recent ‘Destination X’ episode of Impact but these plans were nixed after Alberto Del Rio was stripped of the GFW title.

It’s being said that the plans for him leading to Bound For Glory was to have an Ultimate X match while the former GFW Star wanted to be involved in the World Title picture.

Nonetheless, the site notes that his departure happened on friendly terms so it shouldn’t be a surprise if the former Champion returns to the company somewhere down the line.

Low Ki has previously stated in an interview that he had an offer from WWE last year but he chose to work with GFW due to his friendship with Jeff Jarret and his family.

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