Loyal Trump Advisor Admits: ‘He’s Going To Prison’

According to Mediate,Newsmax host Rob Schmitt was taken aback during a recent broadcast when guest Dick Morris made a bold prediction that former President Donald Trump could end up in prison. The discussion unfolded in the context of recent developments involving a Fulton County grand jury indictment related to Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia.



The specifics of the indictment, including the charges and defendants, were yet to be fully disclosed at the time of the conversation. However, the prevailing belief was that Trump could be one of the defendants facing legal action. The former president has been under scrutiny for pressuring officials in various states he lost during the election to overturn their outcomes.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been a central figure in these legal proceedings, with Trump contending that her actions are driven by political motives. If the indictment proceeds, it would mark the fourth case against Trump, who is already under indictment in two federal jurisdictions and the state of New York.

Dick Morris boldly proclaimed on the show that Trump would be convicted and face prison time. Morris asserted that a potentially biased jury pool would contribute to Trump’s conviction, but he also predicted that even from prison, Trump would manage to win the presidency once again.

Rob Schmitt, visibly surprised by the prediction, sought clarification and asked Morris if he genuinely believed that Trump would end up in prison. Morris’s response was affirmative, further emphasizing his conviction in the prediction.

“He’s gonna be convicted. There’s gonna be a biased jury pool.” Morris declared on Rob Schmitt Tonight. “And he’s gonna go to prison. And he will be elected from prison, president. It will not make any difference at all. He is going to be able to win this election no matter what they throw at him.”

Schmitt appeared stunned at the prognostication.

“You think he’s actually going to prison?” he asked.

“Yes,” Morris replied.

“Wow, ok,” Schmitt said. “I’m hoping that the appeals courts can see through all this nonsense. But it’s a bold, bold prediction.”

Schmitt expressed hope that appeals courts would scrutinize the situation and suggested that Morris’s prediction was a bold one. The conversation concluded with a sense of skepticism from the host, who handed over the discussion to another anchor on the network, Greg Kelly. Kelly voiced his view that the charges against Trump were unwarranted and labeled them as “ridiculous.”

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