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Lucha Underground Results for 1/11/17 (Mid-Season Finale)

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Wednesday, January 11, 2017) episode of Lucha Underground (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

Lucha Underground Mid-Season Finale
Season 3 Episode 19 “Gods Among Men”

The show opens with a video that serves as a prelude to tonight’s episode. The Season 3 storylines chronicled in the video below are:
The recent Rey Mysterio/El Dragon Azteca/Matanza saga…… Agent Reyes has his cover blown, and he is instructed by LAPD Captain Vasquez to return to The Temple in a new disguise. Famous B’s recruitment of El Texano, and The conclusion of last week’s match between Johnny Mundo and The Mack. Where Mundo defeated Mack, humiliated him and chose the stipulation of “All Night Long” for their future world title match.

The opening scene of the show takes place in Dario Cueto’s office. He is with LA City Councilman Delgado played by the imfamous Lorenzo Lamas…… Dario Cueto talks about how Cage loves his new power, but that he doesn’t realize that the power is consuming him. Delgado tells Cueto that soon they will be nothing more than just men among gods. Cueto says that The Gods will owe them a great debt of gratitude. Both men drink to Dario’s sentiment. Cueto gets a knock on the door and El Dragon Azteca enters the office. Azteca tells Cueto that he is here to destroy old enemies. He wants a match with Matanza tonight. Dragon says that Matanza broke Rey Mysterio Jr., and he tried to break him. Delgado says that he likes Azteca. Dragon Azteca then asks Dario to book him versus Matanza in a Death Match. Cueto grants Azteca his wish. He gets on the phone and tells a person on the other line, that there is a new main event scheduled for tonight.

We are now inside The Temple. Matt Striker welcomes the audience to the show. Striker mentions that he just received word of a new main event. He then previews The Death Match scheduled between The Monster Matanza and El Dragon Azteca. Striker now addresses Vampiro and asks him about Mil Muertes attack on him at the conclusion of last week’s show. Vamp stares at the camera and tells Mil Muertes that it won’t be tonight but that his time will come…….. Striker cues to Melissa Santos in the ring for the opening match.

El Texano vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan is in his typical sleaze mode. He rubs his chest and puts his trusty lollipop into his tights before the match starts. Collar and elbow tie up to start but Ryan’s oily chest helps him slip away from Texano’s grip. Texano takes control of the match in spite of this. He overpowers Ryan in the early going. He then hits a springboard senton on him. Joey takes a powder and heads outside. This puts Texano in chase mode, He takes the bait, goes after Ryan and Joey knocks him down. Back in the ring, Joey has Texano flat on the mat. He whips out his lollipop from his tights and puts it back in his mouth. For some reason, This gets a “this is awesome” chant from the crowd….. Joey plays to the crowd and throws his lollipop at Texano. He is now in control. When out comes Famous B and Beautiful Brenda….. They are dressed in western attire with cowboy hats and boots. As they try to impress Texano. Famous B starts cheering him on with a southern drawl, as he yells “Let’s Go Tay-Ano!”.

The distraction of Famous B helps El Texano regain control of the match. He hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Ryan and then a missile dropkick with Ryan draped over the top rope. Ryan falls to the outside, Texano eventually leaps onto Ryan with a dive over the top. Action back inside, Texano heads to the top. Ryan knocks him down. Joey builds up momentum by hitting a pump handle bridge suplex and then the “sleaze” kick. This nets him a near pinfall. A frustrated Ryan goes over to Texano’s ring corner and goes for his bullrope. Famous B grabs on the rope to prevent Ryan from getting it. While this is happening, Beautiful Brenda slides Texano a giant horseshoe. Texano nails Joey Ryan with it and pins him for the victory.

El Texano defeats Joey Ryan by pinfall

After the match. Famous B and Brenda get in the ring and try to celebrate. Texano pushes Famous B to the ground but shows interest in Brenda before leaving the ring.

When the show returns from the commercial break. We get a rare in ring promo segment on Lucha Underground. TheWorld Champion Johnny Mundo is in the ring with The Worldwide Underground. He says that Taya is at home working on his documentary. Johnny Mundo calls Lucha Underground an upstart fight league. He calls himself the only star in the promotion. He claims that he saved the company and brags about beating everybody. Mundo then insults “The Believers” in The Temple for not believing in him. Johnny says that the only guys who believed in him are PJ Black and Jack Evans. After all 3 men high five each other. Mundo instructs them to moonwalk their way out of the ring, so that he can have a moment alone. Mundo insults The Mack. Tells him that he is not built to last all night long with him in the ring. Mundo continues to insult The Mack and his physique. Johnny calls it insulting to have to share the ring with someone like him. Out comes The Mack and he attacks Mundo from behind. He stomps him in the corner. The Mack is then jumped by Evans and Black. The Mack battles back and hits stunners on them. Mundo is left alone in the ring. Mundo screams for security, as he starts to back off. Security comes out and holds back The Mack, as Mundo escapes. The Mack goes after The security members. He delivers stunners to a few of them and throws the others over the top rope. The Mack then gets on the mic and says that the Lucha Underground Championship will be his. He promises to whoop Mundo all night long.

Back from the break, Melissa Santos is in the ring and makes the announcement for this next match.

Cage vs. Veneno

Cage makes his way to the ring with his new iron fist. The gift he received from Dario Cueto for winning a Best of 5 Series with Texano. “Veneno” has answered Lucha’s open door policy. The masked man comes out with a spider man type mask. Striker and Vampiro try to guess who he may be. The name Veneno translates to Poison in Spanish. The opening video of the show suggests that the man under the mask may very well be Agent Reyes. Cage takes off his Iron Fist before the match. He charges at Veneno and knocks him down. Veneno actually battles back with some high flying. He puts up a better fight than expected. A frustrated Cage finally puts a halt to Veneno’s offense. He grounds him with his power and then finishs him off with a delayed reverse driver.

Cage defeats Veneno by pinfall

Cage puts his Iron fist back on after the match. He snaps and grabs the ref. Threatens to hurt him, but then snaps out of his momentary fit of rage. When Cage leaves the ring…. Sexy Star runs out and yells “It was you” at Veneno. She runs and kicks him while he is still down on the mat. Star believes that she has exacted revenge for the recent spider mind games being played on her.

When the show returns from the break. Prince Puma is shown in training. He is hitting a punching bag with two kendo sticks. The voice of Konnan and his previous lessons to Puma are playing in his head. Konnan’s message to Puma is to remember what he taught him. The message gets louder and louder. Puma puts his hands over his ears to get the voices to stop playing in his head. Catrina is on the scene and she approaches Puma. She gets close up to him and whispers in his ear. She tells him that it’s never the same when you die. That you can’t stop the voices when you cross over to the spiritual realm. Catrina says that she hears the voices too. Puma tells Catrina that what he is seeing in the future, is blood and pain, and it belongs to Mil Muertes. Puma puts his Kendo stick under Catrina’s neck. She responds that she is seeing the same vision, but that it involves Prince Puma being in pain and bleeding. Catrina disappears and Puma returns to his training. He does a standing backflip, raises his two sticks and knocks the punching bag off of it’s harness and into the concrete wall.

Lucha Underground Main Event
Death Match- El Dragon Azteca Jr. Vs. ‘The Monster’ Matanza w/Dario Cueto

Some fun action to start this one off. Azteca utilizes his speed and takes to the air early. He gets caught in a beautiful pop up snap german suplex by Matanza. Matanza pounds away at Azteca. He then comes over to ringside to get a steel chair. Brings it back in the ring and sets it in one of the corners. It ends up backfiring on The Monster when Azteca avoids the chair and then hits The Van Daminator on Matanza when he picks it up.

Azteca then uses the chair to his advantage. He knocks Matanza to the outside and then springs off the chair with a tope suicida on The Monster. Action on the outside, Matanza battles back, picks up Azteca and starts throwing him around on the outside. He flings Azteca into the ringpost and then into the walls around ringside. Matanza then carries Azteca on his shoulders and brings him up the stairs in The Temple. They are now on the top balcony of The Temple. Matanza attempts to power bomb Azteca off of The balcony. Azteca escapes and then leaps over Matanza and onto a steel structure on the building. He then leaps off with a senton and lands on Matanza.

The battle continues up top. Azteca evades a kick from Matanza and then hits a rana on him at the top of the stairs. Both men battle near the steel bannisters. Matanza headbutts Azteca and clubs him. Matanza then hits a sick choke slam off of the side of the stairs and through a wood surface below, and Azteca lands behind the bleachers. A true Holy Chant moment heightened by the sound of Azteca’s fall. Referees rush to check on a fallen Azteca, who can not be seen as smoke starts to rise up from the ground. The match is declared over and Matanza is declared the winner. An elated Dario Cueto celebrates with his brother in The ring.

Matanza defeats Dragon Azteca in a Death Match

After the match, Rey Mysterio Jr. runs out to check on his fallen student. He can’t locate him from the top of the stairs. Matanza sees Rey and heads through the crowd to get after him. He starts punching fans in the audience and shoving them aside, as he heads for Rey. They start brawling. Matanza lifts up Rey with a press slam and throws him all the way up to the top. Matanza than meets Rey up there. The fight continues, Matanza gets Rey on his shoulders, and Mysterio tries to battle out of his grasp. Matanza attempts to ram Rey into the steel structures. Rey attempts a huricanrana but Matanza blocks it, and slams Rey into a steel wall. Matanza then starts throwing Rey into the cage up top. Mysterio battles back with kicks, Matanza charges at Mysterio, Rey ducks and backflips him over the rail and through a wooden portion of The Temple. Matanza falls through it. Dario Cueto goes nuts when he sees this, rings the bell and tells everyone to leave the temple. He shuts down The Temple as Matt Striker on commentary contemplates the future of LU after the carnage. Rey Mysterio stands tall as the action in The Temple comes to an end.

We are now outside The Temple. Melissa Santos is show leaving, and she is greeted by fans, who take pictures with her. Someone is watching off in the distance, and it is Marty The Moth Martinez. He is shown, as if he is preparing to abduct Melissa. Just then someone throws a bag over Marty’s head and abducts him. The next scene shows Marty’s entire body wrapped up in a giant rope. His abductor is his sister Mariposa. She tells Marty that he has her attention. That maybe Marty has seen the light. She slaps him and Marty laughs. He repeats “I did good” several times. As the show comes to an end.

A promo airs for the second half of Season 3. Which is set to begin this coming summer.