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Lucha Underground star says company refuses to grant their release

Ivelisse is one of Lucha Underground’s most captivating stars. Many fans of the show remember seeing her as one-third of the inaugural LU Trios Champions, defending the titles with Angelico and Son of Havoc throughout season one despite working with a serious ankle injury.

Ivelisse has even challenged for the Lucha Underground Championship and put on a valiant performance against then-champion Mil Muertes.

However, despite being one of their best stars, all is not well between her and LU. Ivelisse tweeted out a cry for help today, letting the world know that, despite there being no announcement for Season 5, Lucha Underground is still holding her under contract, keeping her from working with other well-known companies.

She finished her statement by saying

I’m at my wit’s end, so at this point, regardless what happens from here on out, at the very least my story is told.

  • Wicka Steve

    Lucha Underground is a great show, but I don’t understand their contracts. It’s a show, not a promotion, so why is it such a big deal if a wrestler works somewhere else? Everyone knows that Lucha Underground is 100% fake, they don’t even try to pretend otherwise. Therefore, why would it be a problem for them if say Mil and Mundo are feuding on their show but Johnny Impact and Judas Massias are tag partners in Impact at the same time? Also, I don’t understand the seven year deals they were having these guys sign. Clearly, there’s some way out of them as both Ricochet and Strickland have left Lucha Underground.

  • CC

    And this is why I say that people should be careful what they sign.
    We have seen that Lucha Underground has had people working for them who can work elsewhere (Johnny Impact for instance), so anyone who signs an exclusive contract only has themselves to blame. She probably thought it would be a nice easy way to earn money, but with the birth of AEW, she has now realised that there are much better deals to be had.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think the big thing that’s different, too, is that with WWE, they’ve got pretty good odds of at least getting regular work on the live event circuit, even if they aren’t on TV…

    Lucha Underground films for like, a month per year, but locks people out of doing anything else on TV for the other 11.

  • CC

    People always berate WWE for their contracts, but looks like they are not the only ones who do this sort of thing.
    That said, if she signed that contract and LU do intend to go ahead with another season, despite not announcing one, they are doing nothing wrong. I think some wrestlers do not pay attention to what they are signing then get all upset when things do not go there way.
    She probably thought she was onto a great deal when she signed, but now things like AEW are cropping up, she realises that maybe she should have been more careful before signing her life away.