Luke Gallows talks about Festus gimmick

Luke Gallows wrestled under the gimmick of Festus from 2007 until he was first released by WWE. However, he has no ill will towards the gimmick.



Gallows spoke to Chasing Glory, where he talked about his Festus gimmick. While his gimmick was not the most intelligent, it brought him a lot of fame in the wrestling world. He said that he did not hate the gimmick and that it helped him make money and buy his first house.

AJ Styles once said Yoshi Hashi from NJPW asked him how Gallows could be recognized from his time in WWE. After he said  “Festus,” and Hashi started laughing.

While Gallows is unable to live this down, he is fine with it and does not mind it.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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