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Luke Harper on working with the Wyatt Family; Braun Strowman’s growth

Luke Harper was interviewed on Busted Open Radio by Bully Ray and Dave Lagreca recently, and discussed his Wyatt Family members along with his work in “Mohawk.” Transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc.

On how he got involved with “Mohawk”

I was out with a knee injury and the director of the movie got a hold of talent relations, who got involved with me. I had a Skype call with the director and he said ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ I was on set for three weeks and it was shot in Syracuse, New York, which is an hour from where I live. It was shot on a Native American reservation, so everything is real. There is a lot of reality steeped in the movie. There is a lot in the movie that rings true today.

Working with The Wyatt Family:

It’s mind-boggling to me (how successful the gimmick was). The Wyatt Family was a very special thing. The three of us came together at a perfect time. It was a perfect storm, and that rivalry with The Shield in 2014-2015 was a magical time.

Whether he knew Braun Strowman would grow into the star he is now:

I remember back when he first started, everyone thought we were crazy (when we said he has the talent). Watching how massive he is and then to learn Pro Wrestling that quickly on the highest level you could be at, that’s an impressive thing to do.

Working as a tag team with Rowan on Smackdown Live:

I think the Smackdown tag-team division is flying right now. Shelton & Gable, New Day and Usos who are primed and I think they need the fresh blood. I think they need us (The Bludgeon Brothers) to do this for them. They have been wrestling each other many times and I couldn’t be happier. We had matches with the Usos three years ago and they were some of the best in my career.

His desire to be a singles champion:

At the end of the day, I want to be a world champion. I want to be Intercontinental Champion. I also want to be a tag-team champion. If that’s my way in, then I’m willing to do it.

After his fantastic match with Randy Orton at Elimination Chamber 2017, many assumed Luke Harper would work his way into a singles career. However, that wouldn’t be the case, and Harper has reunited with Eric Rowan.

Harper and Rowan seem to be on a path towards the tag titles they’ve been after since their arrival four years ago, though. So things could be looking up for the Backwoods Brawler.

You can check out the interview with Harper below.

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    I’ve NEVER seen Harper have a bad match. Dude is talented!