Madonna Spotted With Famous Boxer Boyfriend

The Queen of Pop has been spotted ringside at a boxing match, cheering on her new beau, Joshua Popper. That’s right, sources familiar with Page Six confirmed that Madonna was in attendance at the Rings Masters Road to the Garden series on Friday night, where Popper emerged victorious in his fight.



But what had everyone talking wasn’t just the boxer’s victory, it was the Material Girl’s low-key appearance. Donning a casual outfit and a low baseball cap, the superstar tried to keep a low profile, but fans were quick to spot her. And according to an insider familiar with the outlet, she looked stunning! “Her fillers must have settled,” they said, suggesting that Madonna’s recent beauty routine may have worked wonders.

While it’s unclear who Popper was fighting, the outlet confirmed that Madonna doesn’t date losers. “She looked good,” Page Six’s source said, adding that they were surprised to see the pop icon in attendance after reading about her grueling beauty regimen. But when it comes to her love life, Madonna is not one to take a break. Just last week, the Daily Mail reported that the 63-year-old is now dating 29-year-old Joshua Popper.

And it seems that the two have been getting pretty serious lately. Popper, who owns the Bredwinners gym in Chelsea, has been training one of Madonna’s kids, according to the outlet. But if you think that’s the only man in Madonna’s life, think again! It was recently reported that the pop diva was also linked to 23-year-old model Andrew Darnell.

It looks like Madonna has a thing for younger men, and she’s not afraid to show it. But she’s not the only star who attended the boxing match on Friday night. Rapper Mayhem Lauren and journalist/podcaster Lauren Conlin were also spotted in the crowd.

All of this comes as the pop icon is mourning the loss of her brother, Anthony Ciccone. Our hearts go out to Madonna during this difficult time. But with a new love interest by her side and a fierce determination to live life on her terms, we have no doubt that she will emerge stronger than ever.

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