Main Event Mafia Plans Being Changed, Against All Odds Update, Mr. Anderson

– To celebrate TNA’s return to Sky on Challenge TV this Thursday night at midnight, they are offering personal Twitter messages from World Champion Mr. Anderson where he will trash talk your friends. TNA has provided the following instructions:



“All you need to do is tell us in a tweet who you want to talk about, and why they deserve it. Make sure the tweet uses the following hashtag #TNAChallenge and is sent by midday on Tuesday (Feb 1) UK time.

So for example…

‘At Wembley on Saturday night, my mate John spilt my pint. I want Mr. Anderson to sort him out #TNAChallenge’

We will film responses for the best tweets and send the videos out by Friday February 4 so you can send them on to your mates via Twitter.”

– Current main events scheduled for TNA’s Against All Odds pay-per-view on February 13th is Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match for the TNA World Title and Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett.

– TNA officials have been scrambling to re-write this week’s TV tapings and current storylines after negotiations with Booker T and Kevin Nash have fallen through. Spike TV officials are worried about the Main Event Mafia’s return as it is them who requested that TNA officials bring the group back in the first place.

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