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Major spoiler for 50 man Battle Royale at WWE Super Showdown

WWE Super Showdown will be the third Saudi Arabia event and it promises to be an event as big as Wrestlemania. There are many matches on the card, which includes a huge 50-man battle royal match.

This is a historic match as it will be 50 competitors. However, WWE will have to give the Saudis historic moments. So as reported by Wrestle Votes, the winner of the match will be none other than an NXT superstar.

If you guys aren’t familiar with NXT superstar Mansoor, get familiar with him quickly.

He’s winning the 50 man battle royal today at Super Show Down.

This certainly has some weight behind it as giving Mansoor the win will make the crowd in attendance at Saudi Arabia give a huge pop. The question arises whether the win will translate to Mansoor appearing on WWE television or whether his win will be insignificant like Braun Strowman’s Saudi Arabian Title that he won at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

  • Mike the Ike

    The fact they had this NXT jobber who has only appeared on NXT TV maybe three times win this meaningless piece of crap just shows what a joke this damn show is. And the fact the people chanted you deserve it at him? Pathetic. Hey WWE, next time you’re coming to my town, I want to be put into a big match and go over. I’m the hometown boy. I deserve it.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch