AEW Star Replaces Bray Wyatt As White Rabbit?

The White Rabbit is one of the coolest riddles in recent memory, with many thinking it’s for Bray Wyatt. Everything about the character seems to be great. From the QR codes to the coordinates to anything around it, we all feel great about it. However, according to a Reddit post, the cat or should we say Rabbit may be out of the bag.



Malakai Black asked for an AEW release and he was granted the same without much information being revealed to the media or the grapevine. While the people try to decode it, the link shared by the Reddit post seems to affirm that it may be Black.

No one can decipher if this is a fact or a fiction, but some are trying to figure out things and these conspiracy theorists know that anything about the current situation will bring in traction. WWE has done an excellent job of keeping people involved.

Fans are trying to decode the videos, links and any other signs that come with it, but is it going to be the same for a longer duration? Will the cat, apologies, Rabbit be out of the bag and we may know that we got swerved as it wasn’t Bray Wyatt or Karrion Kross, but instead Malakai Black?

What’s your take on this situation? Chime in.

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