Man Drops Dating Jamie Foxx Rumor Bombshell

Actor Tyrin Turner, known for his role in Menace II Society, has denied rumors suggesting he was in a gay relationship with Jamie Foxx. The rumors originated from a post on Suge Knight’s X account, where Turner was referred to as Foxx’s “ex.”



Turner, in an interview with The Art of Dialogue, dismissed the rumors, stating that he and Foxx have been like brothers and best friends for years. He attributed the gossip to people always wanting to label someone as gay and emphasized his own preferences. Turner also referred to Suge Knight’s social media post as “corny” and suggested that Knight’s account might have been hacked.

“I heard earlier that his Twitter was hacked. If Suge wanted to talk to me, he know how to contact me,” he said. “Me and Jamie have been like brothers, best friends for years.

“Most people don’t understand we do a lot of business together so you might seen us a lot around, probably at the house coming up with ideas and stuff like that. When people wanna throw the little gay rumor, somebody always gotta be gay in the world but hey, I know what I like.”

The actor shared insights into his relationship with Suge Knight, recalling a past incident where Knight contacted him after Tupac’s death. Turner mentioned that J. Prince intervened, preventing a potential confrontation between him and Knight. He also described a later encounter at a club where Knight approached him with a confrontational attitude, but the situation was eventually diffused, and they squashed the issue.

Suge Knight, currently incarcerated, has claimed that his social media accounts, including the X account, were hacked. The X account has been posting memes and disparaging remarks about various figures in the industry. The authenticity of Knight’s control over his social media remains uncertain, given his imprisonment and previous hacking claims.

Harrison Carter
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