Man Tries To Kill Trump’s Fox Buddy With Bomb

A Russian national hailing from Podolsk has been apprehended on suspicion of orchestrating a terrorist attack, allegedly under the directives of the Ukrainian State Intelligence Directorate. The plot involved targeting the vehicle of renowned American journalist Tucker Carlson, who was in Russia for a week-long visit from February 1 to 8.



The detained individual was intercepted during the preparatory stages of the plan, which aimed to detonate an explosive device beneath Carlson’s car, parked in the underground facility of the Four Seasons Hotel where the journalist was residing. Fortunately, law enforcement intervened before the suspect could carry out the attack, and he has reportedly confessed to his involvement in the conspiracy.

It has been revealed that the suspect was recruited by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine in November 2023. Allegedly, his handlers, commonly referred to as “curators,” promised him a monetary reward of $4,000 upon the successful execution of the mission.

Tucker Carlson, who had recently conducted an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, has expressed his belief that he was under surveillance by US intelligence agencies during his visit. Specifically, he claims that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was responsible for the monitoring. According to Carlson, the intelligence agencies leaked gathered information to the New York Times, potentially with the aim of disrupting his interview with Putin.

Adding an intriguing dimension to the situation, it’s worth noting that Tucker Carlson had previously found himself listed in the Myrotvorets website’s database for allegedly posing a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. These developments underscore the complex geopolitical dynamics and potential covert operations at play in this high-profile case.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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