Mandy Rose Has ‘Bigger Backside’ In Gym Video





Mandy Rose’s journey from exclusive content to her unexpected WWE departure has indeed been a rollercoaster, marked by twists and turns. Despite parting ways with the wrestling giant due to her premium content, Mandy Rose continues to carve a significant impact in her various endeavors.

The catalyst for Mandy Rose’s WWE departure was reportedly the content she shared behind her premium paywall. Notably, it was mentioned that she was not afforded the opportunity to remove this content before her release from the company.

More than a year after her departure, Mandy Rose has openly embraced and shared her successful ventures, underscoring her strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Demonstrating resilience, she has diligently constructed her empire, reaping substantial financial rewards from her endeavors.

In a recent move, the former WWE Superstar took to her Instagram, sharing a video of herself at the gym.


Beyond her digital ventures, Mandy Rose has been enjoying life to the fullest, evident in her recent participation in a bikini party with Liv Morgan and others. These glimpses into her lifestyle portray a sense of fulfillment and contentment.

Despite her current success outside WWE, Mandy Rose has expressed conflicting feelings about a potential return to the wrestling giant in the future. As she navigates this new chapter in her career, the wrestling community eagerly awaits to see what the future holds for Mandy Rose.


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