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Mandy Rose has signed five-year WWE contract

WWE tries to keep as many talents locked down as possible and it seems Mandy Rose is included in that list.

SmackDown’s Fire & Desire appeared on Bradley Martyn’s YouTube Channel for a video. During the workout, Mandy Rose revealed that she signed a new five-year contract with WWE.

It was not revealed when she signed the contract or how much she will be earning annually, but she will be staying with the company for the next five years now. She has been mentioned as one for whom WWE had big plans down the line. She is currently involved in a romance angle with Otis.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    This is litterallythe 1st time I’ve ever heard anyone say Sonia is better looking than Mandy. I find that mind blowing

  • CC

    I don’t like to judge any wrestler on their looks, male or female, but it just annoys me when they specifically use the “beauty” gimmick like they have with Rose and her slamming others like Nikki Cross when she is hardly the epitome of beauty. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t see anyone other than WWE trying to push her as this stunner. Other WWE women get far more attention from fans for their looks.

  • Sparti Love

    Agreed. No reason to re-sign her because I doubt she’d go to another wrestling promotion or they would want her. Sonya is more beautiful because she’s natural looking, unlike fake Mandy. While Mandy has an impressive body, I can’t stand the fake plastic faces.

  • CC

    She is another one of those talent that WWE has tried to push multiple times and fans just aint buying, so her pushes nearly always die out. Plus it is kinda annoying that her tag team partner is the more talented of the two yet she gets buried.Hell, I would even go as far as to say that Sonya is even the better looking of the two, despite WWE constantly trying to tell us how good looking old fish lips is.
    Just give Sonya the push already.