Mandy Rose Reveals Truth About John Cena’s Ex-Girlfriend

Mandy Rose, who had a significant presence on WWE programming, including a run in NXT as the Women’s Champion, opened up about her experiences on the reality television series Total Divas. During an appearance on the Alphas Podcast, she revealed that she felt unwelcomed when she joined the show, particularly sensing tension with the Bella Twins.



Rose shared that upon her entry into Total Divas, she noticed a somewhat negative reception from her fellow cast members. She described the initial interactions as if people were thinking, “Who’s this b*tch?” and conveyed that she received more reserved greetings, implying she didn’t belong. She specifically mentioned Paige expressing concern about her wrestling abilities.

Reflecting on that period, Rose acknowledged the skepticism and concern regarding her commitment to training, which she understood. However, she also sensed shade, jealousy, and a feeling of not being entirely accepted. She admitted feeling pressure to please the established names, especially the Bella Twins, who were a significant presence on the show.

According to Rose, the Bellas, as the more established figures, held a considerable influence, and there was an atmosphere of trying to gain their approval. She explained that she initially felt the Bellas didn’t like her, but over time, their relationship improved, and she now gets along with them, expressing love and respect for them.

Mandy Rose’s revelation sheds light on the dynamics behind the scenes of Total Divas and the challenges she faced while trying to integrate into the established group of female wrestlers. Despite the initial difficulties, it appears that relationships evolved positively over time.

“So I come in, and I could just see the look on everyone’s faces, like, ‘Who’s this b*tch?’ But also, like the typical, ‘Hi.’ That’s what I was getting. It was like, ‘Yeah, you don’t belong here.’ Or the first thing Paige said was, ‘But can you wrestle?’ or whatever it was. It’s in the clip. So they were very concerned about me getting training done and putting in the work, which I totally understand. Looking back at it, if I was in their shoes, I would be like, ‘Okay, who is this b*tch? Is she gonna train though?’ Whatever.

“I get it, but I also feel like there was a lot of shade and jealousy — yes, I threw that word out — jealousy happening and it’s okay. We all go through it. But yeah, I didn’t know what to expect.

“I felt like because the Bellas were the big thing, and … they had the most time in there, and they had a big presence about them. Like, I felt like everyone was kind of always … trying to please the Bellas. The girls and … I was trying to please them, too, but … I don’t think they liked me too much in the beginning, I’m not gonna lie. I get along with them great now. I love them, and I have so much respect for them.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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