Mandy Rose Shows Six Pack Abs In Leather Photo

The Toxic Attraction leader and reigning NXT Women’s Champion recently took to Twitter to share a piece of important information with her fans. Mandy posted a graphic that contained her official social media handles. Mandy provided the update days after Liv Morgan revealed a scammer tricked a fan of hers into giving away his property.



The WWE star wrote in a tweet that the fan was fooled into believing that he was helping her. Morgan was horrified to tweet out the following, and it is prayed that nobody else falls victim like this poor story.

Mandy Rose spreads awareness among the fans

A man sold his home and lost everything thinking he was helping “me”. This has me so sick. Please know I would never reach out to ask any of you for a single penny. I’m so sad. Please stop

After Toxic Attraction cheated to take the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships from Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai, Kai was enraged, tearing apart the areas backstage. She was also booked in a match against Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship.

The final moments of the match saw Kai hitting the Chiropractor but couldn’t cover. Then Jayne got in and Kai kicked her and took her title, but Rose took advantage and kicked her in the head to knock her out just long enough for the pin and the win, retaining the NXT Women’s Championship.

Speaking about Dakota Kai, she and Raquel Rodriguez recently reunited in NXT and went on to win the NXT Women’s Tag Titles for a second time at Stand & Deliver. They lost the titles the following Tuesday. Rodriguez, who recently joined SmackDown, credited Dakota Kai for being a mentor, friend and tag partner, adding that she hopes to work with Kai again in the future.

“You know what’s funny? Is it kind of came full circle because my first-ever coliseum debut was in Portland [NXT TakeOver] where I debuted and became Dakota [Kai] backup, her bodyguard, right? And that’s where we formed this friendship, where we formed this team and it’s something that worked so well for us and we were just able to coexist in like a perfect pairing. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor, better friend, a better tag team partner and I hope we get to work again together in the future but, then having that again at Stand & Deliver, not just us reuniting after being separated for almost a year but, reuniting and getting to work together again, it just flowed.

It was a lot. It was very emotional. I think if you even go back to Tuesday’s match when Dakota and Wendy [Choo] came to check on me in the ring, I did get a little emotional and I kind of looked around and I looked at the P.C and I was like, ‘This has been my life for two years since I’ve had my TV debut, this is all I’ve known.’

To know that they believed in me every step of the way and to know that they supported me every step of the way and for them to tell me that I earned this position, it solidifies and makes everything I’ve ever done, every sacrifice, five years of torturing myself mentally and trying to get over it and be positive and in the past five years, you know, it started off great because I’m like yes, my dream job and I was just excited to be here and I wanted to work hard. When you step into the P.C, you know this is the ultimate goal; is going to Raw, going to be part of SmackDown and then finally you make it and that’s exactly what NXT did for me is NXT helped me grow, it helped me be comfortable in this position and now I feel even more confident than ever that I’m just gonna kill it.”

Mandy Rose also showed her six pack abs in a new leather photo.

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