Mandy Rose Sweaty Beach Swimsuit Photo Leaks

Former WWE star Mandy Rose recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture wearing a bikini at the beach. Her caption read:



“Salty hair and sandy feet😎”

WWE allegedly had nixed the plans for a main roster title run for Mandy Rose. At WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair made history by headlining WrestleMania for the first time. Flair and Rousey both put their titles on the line for the match, but Becky Lynch walked away with both belts.

Former WWE writer Dave Schilling was rewatching the show while tweeting and sharing notes as the show went on. Those live tweets certainly entertained fans as he watched along.

In one of his tweets, Dave Schilling revealed that Mandy Rose was supposed to beat Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 35 before WWE nixed this plan.

“The SmackDown women’s title was supposed to be won by Mandy Rose at this WrestleMania. Instead, we got this famous main event. At no point did Nia Jax figure into this title match. Nor did I ever see her again after this night. Hope she’s doing well.”

Rose was released from her WWE contract. She had been one of NXT’s most crucial parts of the women’s division. She had won the NXT Women’s Championship last year and went on to have a reign of 413 days and defended it ten times. However, she was released and it was also reported that the company attempted to spread a narrative about Rose. It has come to light that Triple H never reached out to her.

It was reported that Mandy Rose was released from her WWE contract due to content she posted behind her premium content paywall as first reported by Fightful. Prior to that, Rose dropped the title to Roxanne Perez on this week’s NXT, which certainly shocked fans.

TMZ Sports reported that the former NXT champion has made $500k off her racy videos in just one week. Her agent, Malki Kawa, informed the outlet that the 32-year-old has made a stunning $500,000 from her FanTime page since the axing. Mandy Rose, according to Kawa, will be the newest self-made millionaire by Christmas, just 6 days away.

Mandy was dismissed on Wednesday when she posted sexual photos on the subscription-based portal FanTime, a platform similar to OnlyFans, which is prohibited by WWE. Rose reportedly made one million dollars from her Fantime platform in the month of December. Mandy recently posted for a New York Post pool photoshoot.

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