Mandy Rose Works Out Backside In Gym Video

Mandy Rose loves to take care of her body and that is exactly why she took to her Instagram and uploaded a video of herself performing heavy lifts, including barbell hip thrusts.



“Booty building! 🍑 heavy hip thrusts like I said in a previous post has always been my go to for some booty building! Today I went pretty heavy with a pause at the top! && superset with deep KB sumo squat !”

Mandy Rose, a formidable force in NXT, once reigned as the brand’s premier performer and Women’s Champion, boasting an extraordinary title reign that spanned an impressive 413 days. However, the course of her career took an unexpected turn when she suffered a defeat at the hands of Roxanne Perez, resulting in the loss of her cherished title in December of the previous year.

To make matters worse, shortly thereafter, Rose found herself on the receiving end of an unforeseen blow, as she was unceremoniously released from WWE, much to the dismay and bewilderment of her devoted fans who believed it to be an ill-advised decision by the company. Despite the setback, Rose recently shed light on a particular highlight from her time in WWE, leaving fans intrigued by her choice.

Prior to her shocking departure from the company, Mandy Rose had established her dominance within NXT, particularly as the leader of the notorious faction known as Toxic Attraction. Week after week, Rose would lay waste to her competition, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

In a memorable turn of events, Mandy Rose achieved a significant milestone in her career by unifying the NXT Women’s Championship with the NXT UK Women’s Championship. This monumental accomplishment was realized through hard-fought victories over esteemed competitors such as Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport, solidifying it as the pinnacle of her WWE journey thus far.

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