Mandy Rose WWE Lesbian Storyline Revealed

This proposed Mandy Rose storyline would have been as beautiful as ‘God’s Greatest Creation’ herself! On the latest episode of the “Nitty Gritty Dirt Show” on, host Billi Bhatti and former WWE writer Vince Russo, discussed how Mandy Rose was set to be in a lesbian relationship angle with her former ‘Fire N’ Desire’ tag team partner, Sonja Deville. Wrestling-Edge transcribed Bhatti’s comments. This ‘sweaty’ Mandy Rose gym video was recently revealed.



Bhatti: So the women in the WWE look like they have more balls than the men to be honest with you. Previously, there was going to be a storyline that Mandy Rose was willing to do that had Rose in a lesbian relationship angle with Sonja Deville. However, WWE didn’t go ahead with it. Yet, she didn’t want to go and do an angle where she ended up turning on Otis and being paired up with another wrestler because she didn’t want to be a valet. So when they got that started, the original plan was for Mandy to mess up Otis’ storyline and to always be sleeping with whoever Mr. X was. However, Mandy didn’t want to do the story and be paired up with Mr. X because she wants to be a wrestler, spoke up about it and in the end this is what you end up getting.

In other news regarding Mandy Rose, Rose’s former tag team partner and would-be on-screen lesbian lover, Sonia Deville recently spoke regarding Rose’s current position on WWE Monday Night Raw as well as her recent tag team partnership with Dana Brooke. Deville made the following comments on the highly successful WWE Network show ‘The Bump’.

Deville stated: “Mandy always holds a special spot in my heart. I think she is incredible,” she replied. “I think that she is strong, talented and beautiful. I think she is a triple threat.”

Deville continued: “Dana Brooke as her tag team partner? It’s not Sonya Deville, c’mon. But they have a little vibe going on. They both are very fit and are very strong; both of them are beautiful. I like it. They don’t have the dichotomy that me and Mandy have. But they’re doing their thing.” Mandy Rose recently dressed like a man in this hot photo.

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