How many WWE Superstars are under “therapeutic use exemption”

Nutritionist Dave Palumbo who has very famous clientele including Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Steve Austin recently appeared on the Matt Riveria Show and let something interesting slip about an apparent loophole in WWE’s Wellness Policy.



“The good thing about wrestling is that because it’s not a professional sport per se, more entertainment, they are allowed to take hormone replacement,” Palumbo said. “So they can go to HRT places, they can get testosterone – 100 mg a week, whatever they prescribe nowadays – they can get hCG, they can do hGH if they want. Those are acceptable, and a lot of the wrestlers do do it. It’s not for me to say who’s using what, but they’re very minimal doses.”

Riviera then asked Palumbo if Triple H took a “large doses of steroids” to maintain his physique.

“No,” Palumbo said. “They can’t do it, believe me. I’m sure he would love to do it.”

WWE promptly put out a statement on the matter where they said both hGH and hCH are still on the list of banned substances on the Wellness Police. However, approximately 7% of talent who are tested fall under some kind of “certain medical conditions” which allows them to take the substances.

Dave Meltzer commented on the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said 14 or 15 people have one of those Therapeutic Use Exemptions. They might not be for testosterone either.

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