Maria Kanellis denies reports that she and Mike Kanellis asked for their releases

Maria and Mike Kanellis were two of the names rumored to have asked to be let out of their WWE contracts over the past week. Many reports claimed that the couple were unhappy with their roles in the company, and were looking to apply their craft elsewhere.



In a lengthy post on her Instagram account, Maria said that these rumors are false.

Kanellis said she’d been getting harassed through phone calls and emails, and wanted to set the record straight. “I did not ask for my release,” she said.

“Someone is playing all the wrestling news sites. It’s a game.” Kanellis went on to talk about her relationships with those she works with, stating that she’d never want to cause any trouble or “stir up shit.”

Kanellis ended her message to the wrestling world by saying that she’s worried about being a mom and dealing with postpartum depression, and doesn’t need extra stress.

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin posted a follow-up, claiming to have had multiple sources confirm the story, and have been backed up by other sites stating that their requests were denied by the WWE.

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