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Maria Kanellis injured at WWE Performance Center

A while back it was reported that Maria Kanellis was going to head to the WWE Performance Center to get back into the ring. Kanellis had been out for a while due to her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

While Kanellis did return to the PC this week, she seems to have broken her wrist while getting ready for her return to WWE TV.

Kanellis revealed that she’d be in a cast for six weeks, but expects to return at WWE’s first all women’s PPV, Evolution, on October 28.

While this is a minor setback, both her and Mike Kanellis are working towards their eventual return to WWE TV. Whether they’ll return as the couple they were on Smackdown Live or Maria will get her chance in the women’s division on Raw is unknown. But Maria is definitely working towards getting back in the ring and will be back on TV soon enough.

  • Wicka Steve

    At least she never “escorted” the Raw guest host like the Bellas or slept with half the roster like Melina.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken


    How is she a whore exactly? She’s married to her longtime boyfriend and got a baby on the way, if you want a whore go look up Sunny or Kelly Kelly

  • Darrin Tyler

    why is a whore pretending to be a wrestler?

  • CC

    Has she even wrestled in WWE since coming back? I thought she was just a manager these days anyway.

  • Will Henderson

    isn’t this the same wrist that she injured during her TNA/Impact Wrestling run. cause she injured her risk during her run there.

    plus, maybe this might be a sign for her to retire as a wrestler anyway.