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Maria Kanellis reacts to her leaked photos

Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis

In the past several months private photos of a number of WWE Stars has leaked online and it appears that these leaks won’t be stopping anytime soon as the photos of another Star have been leaked.

The latest star to suffer from these leaks is SmackDown Live Maria Kanellis. Over 20 of her private photos have been leaked online and are being shared over various social media platforms.

The SmackDown Star also reacted to this via a lengthy post from her facebook account. The full post can be seen at the end of this article and below is an excerpt from it:

I have never thought about not being me. I have never been afraid to show off my body. I have never been scared of being sexy. And I don’t want my son or daughter to be afraid of their body. I want my children to be confident. In a world so full of hate and unknown, Mike and I do not want our children to feel like love is a foreign concept. I have been asked on numerous occasions about Playboy, my leaked photos, and about being sexy. My answers may surprise you and hopefully give you some insight into what it means to me to be able to be sexy and still be a great mother.

Maria Kanellis returned to WWE back in June this year. She has been on a leave from the company since September due to her pregnancy.

  • Zack Rizzano

    Is he not just reporting exactly the wrestling news. She is a female wrestler and she had nudes leaked. He reported when Seth Rollins had leaked photos the same. No need to attack the author of this post when you don’t know him. I have never found issue with any of these posts.

  • Arnold Jackson

    How do you sleep at night Anutosh? The only posts you can make about these great female athletes is to draw attention to their stolen and very personal moments? Your blatant sexist view of females is far from admirable and a true stain on this website. Perhaps instead of worrying about hits from stories like these, you should show restraint and class by ignoring writing posts like these that only go out of your way to highlight stolen property that highlights these women as objects more than athletes.