Mark Coleman Talks About His Upcoming UFC Fight with Randy Couture

– Mark Coleman recently discussed his latest chance at UFC 109, here are the highlights:



On Getting The Fight With Couture: “I must admit, I was in shock for a little bit. I had to take a couple of seconds to regroup because I knew the magnitude of that fight.”

On Being The Underdog: “It’s just kind of what I deserve,” Coleman said. “I deserve to be the underdog with my performances in the past. I haven’t always been able to give 100 percent to the sport. I’ve had other things I’ve had to focus on – or I’ve decided to focus on other things.”

Is He A Threat To Couture: “If I’m able to put a good camp together and I can come in shape, I pose a threat to just about anybody out there,”

What If He Loses The Fight?: “If losing a fight is the worst thing that happens to you in your life, you’re doing pretty well,” Coleman said. “I don’t know any other way but to come back and fix what was wrong and try to make it right. You’d be a loser if you stayed down.”

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