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Mark Henry believes Vince McMahon thinks he owns the wrestling business

Mark henry

Mark Henry talked about NXT being moved to USA Network during a recent episode of Busted Open Radio and the WWE Hall Of Famer made some interesting comments regarding Vince’s perception of the wrestling business.

Henry implied that the Chairman of WWE’s board of directors thinks that he owns the wrestling business and if you try to take something that belongs to him, he is going to cut your hands off:

Vince looks at wrestling as being his. If you try to take something that belongs to him, he’s going to cut your hand off. Reach on my plate while I’m eating and see what happens to your hand. I’m gonna stab you in the top of your hand with a fork. That’s Vince. Wrestling is his plate, and you are reaching into his plate. I don’t know nobody that likes to fight and be a tough guy more than him. Sometimes you can do it

This is an interesting insight from Henry, as just recently, Bully Ray also commented on the matter and he said that the moves Vince is making are all business moves and they are not personal.

What do you think about WWE”s reaction to AEW and the company’s decision to move NXT to TV? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.