Mark Henry ‘Called Out’ WWE Star For Match

Mark Henry has not stepped inside the ring since the Greatest Royal Rumble PPV of 2018. Mark has been busy plotting plans to pull off an incredible comeback which hasn’t been easy as the legend went to great lengths to ready himself for someone formerly known as the Legend Killer..John Cena ‘Losing’ WWE Return Match.



During a February Busted Open Radio episode, Mark Henry revealed that he intends to have another match in the next six months. The WWE Hall of Famer said that he worked tirelessly to ready himself for his next match by being in some of the best shape of his life. His opponent may surprise you.

Henry stated: “Now, I’m walking on two feet, and I’m 325 pounds. I’m lighter, trimmer than I’ve ever been, and I plan on having a match sometime in the next six months. I just want to have one match, and if Randy Orton is the guy, then so be it. But, believe me, I’ll be ready, and I won’t be on one foot in a push scooter.”

All this being said, we just saw Mark Henry make his debut on AEW as their newest analyst. Henry came into a standing ovation and it seems he may have mentioned Orton as slight of hand. Mark is being reported as signing a full-time contract as of now as an announcer, but his match now likely won’t be against Orton.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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