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Mark Henry criticizes Lio Rush

Lio Rush

  • CC

    Mark Henry is one of the most level headed people in WWE and has long been a supporter of any black superstars, especially young up and comers. So if he has an issue with Rush, then this has nothing to do with this being “too much”. If you are told by your job that you are not allowed to have your friends or family with you, then you abide by that law whether you work for WWE or you work in McDonalds. End of. To blow someone off (Balor) who took you to one side in a friendly manner to make you aware before anyone further up the ladder does it officially, just shows he has no respect.
    It is just like Enzo all over again.

  • Luke

    This is the problem when someone thinks they are irreplaceable. Stone Cold replaced Shawn Michaels, The Rock replaced Stone Cold, Cena replaced the Rock, Reigns replaced Cena, and so on. Every spot is replaceable.

  • Rinn13

    There is overdoing it, and then there are people, like Leo, like Enzo, etc., who seem to think they’re bigger stars than they are, and that somehow the business owes them something, when it doesn’t.

  • oppa

    There are too many complaints about people “not paying dues” or “respecting the business” about people who were in NXT. The point of making everyone in NXT set up and take down the rings, set up and take down the chairs and doing street team work is for them to pay their dues and to learn respect for the business. Lio was a rookie in WWE, but he actually was in the business for a while before going to WWE. Even Shawn Michaels had to openly complain that people were shaking his hand 10 times in a day just so they wouldn’t be viewed as “disrespectful”. People do need to respect their job and those who came before them, but things in WWE need to stop.

  • ROB-1.

    Yes, Enzo got in trouble with his mouth to.

  • Soulshroude

    He’s not the only one…