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Mark Henry to the Hall of Fame

  • BiggEZ

    Yeah, Brother got us good!

  • MindTricked

    Mark Henry: I’m not ready to retire.
    WWE: Hold my beer.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Wow they really are pushing it this year arent they? I mean Dudleyz, Jeff Jarrett & Mark Henry??

    I mean no disrespect to them but like wheres Pillman? Miss Elizabeth? Vader? Davey Boy Smith? Big Daddy? Giant Haystacks?

  • M

    I remember being pissed and upset with him pulling that fake out and then a few years later looking back at that being one of the greatest segments ever pulled off. Why he didn’t get the WWE title at least once after that is a travesty but at least he was able to keep Smackdown entertaining during his hall of pain reign as champion. Not to mention being a part of what I believe to be the greatest cash in ever with Edge cashing in on the Undertaker.

  • BB

    Agreed. Choked they didn’t push Henry to the moon after this seg. Was blown away by his mic skills that night. Pretty sure everybody fell for it

  • Leedraven

    one of the best fake outs ever.