Mark Henry not ready for a Hulk Hogan return

We noted before how WWE confirmed that they were talking to Hulk Hogan for a return and shortly afterward rumors about his possible future role in the company also began.



However, it appears that the former World Champion Mark Henry has not forgiven the Hulkster for his racial remarks and is not ready for his comeback just yet.

Henry talked about these reports during a recent interview on Busted Open Radio and said that there is still a lot of work to be done to heal the wound:

He’s a public figure. It doesn’t mean that everything he’s done is forgiven, you just gotta pick the good from the bad, see how you can help the situation. I sit on the chair of the delegation and they’re not ready. I’ve had many talks, I mean with dozens of guys. The consensus is there’s a lot of work to be done to heal that wound and fix that wall.

Later in the interview, he explained Delegation as a group of established African-American wrestlers in the country and said that Hulk Hogan needs to do more community service and outside work.

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