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Mark Henry suggests on how to book Bayley after her heel turn

On the recent episode of RAW, the WWE Universe were hit with a huge swerve as the ever-smiling and hugging Bayley turned heel. The SmackDown Women’s champion aligned with Sasha Banks to deliver chair shots to Becky Lynch.

WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry was recently on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, where he talked about how he would proceed to book Bayley after such a drastic change in her character. Henry claimed that he would use the jealousy card to make the heel run more effective. He said:

“This is complete, unadulterated violence, and a little jealousy in there. I think that all of that needs to come into play, it needs to be said. I would make everybody pay for the rest of my life if I feel like you trying to steal my thunder, and I think that’s the story that needs to be told.”

  • PhilHarsonic Boom

    Can Mark Henry just shut up and go away?

  • CC

    Could you have not found a more recent picture of Bayley? An actual one from her heel turn maybe, rather than a picture of her and the woman she is partnered with in this heel turn?