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Mark Henry thinks Ronda Rousey suffers from “Greatness Hate”

Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I got lost when Mark Henry saying Tom Brady was better then Joe Montana. 4-0 Mark Henry and never cheated.

    Now I don’t hate Rousey at all. She open the door for women in UFC and she has raise the level on the women division in the WWE. But the women division in the WWE was already on the raise. I think for me it better to be hated then not get a reaction at all.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I disagree with Mark’s analogs alone! Nobody hated Michael Jordan, WTF lol?! And people know that Brady is a great quarterback, it’s just the fact that his team has been there so much and its god dam football, every person is passionate about their team. Just like CC said, people will boo and cheer theirs favorites.

  • CC

    Very silly comment by Henry.
    There are a multitude of reasons people dislike Rousey, and none of it has to do with greatness.
    Yes she has had success through her life with both judo and UFC prior to joining WWE, but while she was fairly dominant initially in UFC when the womens talent pool was small, once more women came along to challenge her, she crumbled.
    Her movie career has hardly been amazing either.

    Her name is worth a lot of money for sure, and everything she has achieved she earned 100%. But she was the right person in the right place at the right time in UFC, and while nobody can take away what she did to build the womens division in MMA, had she come along later, who knows how successful she would have been.

    As far as wrestling goes, a lot of fans do not like people coming in from outside and being pushed above whoever their favourite wrestlers are, and she has come along right at the time when Becky Lynch took the bull by the horns and made herself the must see female in WWE.

    While someone like Charlotte has raised her game to make sure she is not left in the dust, Rousey has neither the experience or talent to do the same, so she just ends up looking like a fish out of water most of the time.

  • gar216

    The problem with Rousey, and I use the term “problem” very loosly. Is that she began to (smartly) portray herself as an arrogant heel during her UFC championship run. The issue is that when you try to get people to hate you, just to buy tickets or ppv’s, and then you lose, the people get the last laugh. Unfortunately that’s how she left the UFC. Now that she has transitioned to WWE, she has that hurdle to overcome.

    Look at Brock, he came back after a UFC loss, and was hot for a little while because it was fresh, but he had the final fight mid run, got the win and washed the stink off. Since then, he has been proven to be what he claims to be.

  • Rinn13

    Sorry Mark, but Ronda has never been “greatness”. And people have every right to “hate” on successful people, if those people are unlikable schmucks, like Brady, or Rousey.

  • BB

    Have to disagree with Henry here. It’s not Ronda, it’s all Becky. Becky is just that hot with the crowd. She’s an unstoppable force when it comes to being cheered. Doesn’t matter who they put her up against, she will be cheered no matter what. That’s what’s gonna happen with Ronda in this feud; she will be booed. It’s that simple.