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Mark Hunt Says He’ll Knock Brock Lesnar’s Face Off

As reported, Brock Lesnar will be returning to the Octagon and competing at UFC 200 on July 9, 2016, fighting against Mark Hunt. In light of the anticipated showdown, Hunt shared the following comments about how he thinks the match will play out:

“I already said they better be testing him, but in the end it doesn’t even matter. It’s time for ‘punch face’, a game I have been playing for many years. I’ll knock his face off. I knock his mouth off and then his lips fly off. … I ain’t no part time fighter. He thinks this is a game where he can come back and forth. I will send this pretender back so he can play house with the other part timers. This realm is for the real fighters, not these damn pretenders.”

For those unaware of Hunt, he is known for his spectacular knockouts and big punching power. How do you guys think the match will go?

  • millerj265

    Put him down so fast it went 3 rounds and Lesnar lost one of them, and my comment right above says I don’t care who wins, you just we’re and still are a complete moron for thinking Lesnar was just gonna smash hunt. Why are you bothering me about this anyways? Isn’t there a cross burning, or a clan rally that your missing out on right now?

  • Ray Myer

    LOL. Lesnar put Hunt down almost as fast as I put you down a couple weeks ago. Ah. Let that sink in a while and let the butthurt flow through you.

  • millerj265

    Ha, I guess those post where you used the N word and said they should be hung wasn’t racist, but it sounds kinda text book racist to me. And yeah, Brock Lesnar who hasn’t fought in nearly 4.5yrs is gonna beat one of the better ranked heavyweights in the UFC, keep telling yourself that, MARK.

  • millerj265

    I’m pretty sure you calling ppl the N word in other posts, and saying they need to be hung is about as text book racist as it gets, and yes the fact that you think the 5-3 Lesner, who hasn’t fought in over 4.5yrs, and is now almost 40 is going to win makes you a MARK.

  • Ray Myer

    A “super mark” because I’m not concerned that Brock Lesnar can’t win a fight? Kid.. I don’t think the words “racist” or “mark” mean what you think they mean. Sit back down.

  • millerj265

    Bahahaha, a racist and a super mark, not surprising I suppose.

  • D2K

    Revisionist history. The ref could have stopped that fight numerous times if he wanted. I’ve seen plenty of fights stopped for way less. Even Paul Heyman had to admit it after the fight when interviewed even though he tried to defend Brock’s chin.

    Cain Velasquez is NOT the hardest hitter in UFC. He knocked Brock out. So bad that Brock said he didn’t even remember when Taker pulled him aside as he walked by to say “You wanna do it?” referring to breaking the streak. Alistair Overeem didn’t punch Brock in the face, he used his knees. He knocked Brock out.

    Lastly, Brock just said the other day on ESPN that he still has to “WORK” on his stand up game. So he still has nothing there. Also as someone else said in the thread, it’s not about hitting hard. It’s about how many times you get hit and where you get hit.

    In boxing, George Foreman was one of the hardest hitters in boxing history. Muhammad Ali took everything he had when Foreman was in his prime and didn’t go down. However, the left hook was responsible for Ali going down against Henry Cooper and Joe Frazier.

    It Hunt is able to hit Brock with combinations and flurries he is in trouble. Simply put, Brock Lesnar is not going to beat anybody upright unless they make a mistake, or he can shoot good enough to get them on the ground.

  • Muttley’s Revenge

    Without Kevin Sullivan I feel lost…………

  • Ray Myer

    Shane Carwin was the confirmed hardest hitter in the UFC. Brock Lesnar took every hit, kept coming back and then made him tapout like it was nothing. I’m not worried.

  • D2K

    Astute observation. He does have problems with combos and flurries. That’s why he needs to develop some counter measures. Even if it is just one thing. He needs something to be his escape device otherwise it’s gonna be like Velasquez all over again.

  • D2K

    Well if he does that he is going to have to stay busy and let Hunt punch himself out like Carwin did.

  • HM89

    Brock is going to have the same gameplan as before. He’s going to try to take Hunt down and do ground and pound. But if he can’t get Hunt down, who’s takedown defense has improved greatly over the years, Hunt will probably pick him apart until Brock turtles up like before, or Hunt will land one of his patent walk-off knockouts.

  • MabZ

    Very good observation. I’ve said the same thing about Brock and his stand-up for years. I think he can take a punch, but he doesn’t do well with the pressure (combos and flurries) is on him.

  • D2K

    I really can’t understand why Dana would put Brock in there with a guy that specializes in Brock’s main weakness. His stand up. Brock is heavy-handed himself and can throw some bombs, but the jury is still out on whether or not he can take it.

    I don’t think you can grow or develop a chin. You either have one or you don’t. What Brock needs to do is to learn how to slip punches and counter-grapple. He might wanna give Floyd a call.