Mark Levin Screams Incoherently After Trump Indictment

Fox News host Mark Levin recently got furious on Thursday night after the Department of Justice indicted former President Donald Trump. Trump was indicted on seven counts in federal court in the Southern District of Florida, including illegal retention of classified documents, obstruction, and conspiracy.



It has been noted that the material was retrieved by FBI agents when they executed a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida last August.

The former president denied wrongdoing in a video released on Thursday night.

Mark Levin opens up on Donald Trump

Appearing as a guest on Hannity, Levin went on a seven-minute tirade against the indictment and screamed parts of his monologue.

“President Trump is 76 years old,” he began calmly. “If the Department of Justice gets its way, he will die in federal prison. Just by one of these counts – conspiracy to obstruct justice, which has a 20-year maximum sentence. This is a disgusting, disgusting mark on American history, for the future to come by these bandits in the White House, by the Democrat party. They don’t play fair anymore.”

Levin called the indictment a scheme to prevent Trump, who is a 2024 presidential candidate, from ascending to the White House again. he slammed Attorney General Merrick Garland and Special Counsel Jack Smith, the latter of whom is leading the probe against Trump.

“They want to take control of the country,” he continued. “They want one-party rule. And they have used the Department of Justice and the FBI to get what they want. Merrick Garland is a mob lawyer. That’s what he is. Jack Reed [sic] rogue, Soviet-style prosecutor.”

He went on to yell, “This is a documents case!” and ask, “Is this some kind of a sick joke on the American people?!”

Levin was just getting warmed up. He then cited the fact that one of the charges originates with the Espionage Act:

“I don’t want to hear from the legal analysts, the technicalities about false statements and obstruction. This should never have been a criminal case! Willful retention of documents! Well, what’s the un-willful retention of documents mean? They’re throwing all these process crimes and all these crimes that grow out of the criminal investigation against Trump!

What did he do with the documents? Did he sell them to the enemy? No! That’s why we have an Espionage Act, not to trip up a president. What did he do?! Did he burn them all?! No! The government has all the documents back! So there is no violation of the Presidential Records Act at this point! But they throw the book at him?!”

Levin then called the special counsel a “jerk” and scoffed at the idea Garland was siloed from Smith’s investigation.

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