Mark Wahlberg Called Out By Entourage Star

Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the Entourage apparently need to make amend after Jeremy Piven stated that he’s the major snag in a potential reboot. Wahlberg was a key inspiration for the story and characters, also served as an executive producer.



Jeremy Piven opens up on Mark Wahlberg

Speaking with TMZ, Piven (who won three Emmys for playing Ari Gold) said that if Mark Wahlberg can find the time to throw his weight and starpower behind an Entourage reboot, it will be a Tarvold-level victory for all.

“If Mark and his team were really behind it, that would be some nice momentum…Listen, Mark wakes up, he gets about 11 minutes sleep. He wakes up and he prays, he crushes the weights, he never stops! So…when he comes up for air in a little crack of time, just make that call to HBO and everybody wins.” 

He added, “He knows the reach of that show, we really connect with people…I see in real time that people really miss it…I think Mark knows that as well because he hears it and he feels it so it’s just a matter of, like, him stepping up…I don’t know [if he will].”

Entourage creator Doug Ellin previously expressed interest in bringing the show back, but, like Piven, says much of it does in fact rely on Mark Wahlberg. He might just wants to resurrect it so he can put Johnny Drama through another doomed audition.

Adrian Grenier, who played superstar Vincent Chase, is also down for a reboot. And considering Kevin Connolly swung out big time directing Gotti, he might have a desire to get back into E’s tiny shoes…

Even if Mark Wahlberg set his sights on getting Entourage back on HBO, there might be concerns that the bro-centric show may not be viewed in high regard following the #MeToo movement, a sentiment that Ellin has pushed back at.

Notably, Mark Wahlberg was also the first major cameo on Entourage, while the final episode featured Mike Ditka, to give you an idea of how much the quality dropped (that said, it was a satisfying enough finale, at least more so than the movie that followed in 2015).

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