Mark Wahlberg ‘Giving Up’ On Living In Las Vegas?

According to New York Post, Mark Wahlberg, the renowned actor and enterprising entrepreneur, has recently made a significant real estate move by selling his luxurious townhouse at The Summit Club in Las Vegas for a hefty $16.6 million. While the reasons behind the sale and any potential plans to leave Southern Nevada remain undisclosed, this enigmatic decision has sparked speculation about the actor’s future moves.



The townhouse, an expansive 7,327-square-foot, two-story residence, was not intended as Wahlberg’s long-term primary residence but rather as part of his real estate portfolio. Wahlberg also owns a substantial 2.5-acre plot of land within the same community, indicating his continued investment in Las Vegas real estate.

Mark Wahlberg, along with his wife, model Rhea Durham, and their four children, appears to have comfortably settled in Sin City. Their reported fondness for the city suggests that a move may not be on the horizon.

Beyond his Hollywood career, Wahlberg has been pursuing his vision of “Hollywood 2.0,” aiming to establish studio facilities and create thousands of jobs in the Las Vegas region. His diverse business ventures include ownership of multiple F45 fitness centers, the successful Municipal apparel brand, and Wahlburger restaurant franchises. Wahlberg has also been actively involved in the local film scene, shooting movies in and around Las Vegas and planning to premiere one of them, “The Family Plan,” in the city during the holiday season.

With deep ties to Las Vegas and a commitment to business and entertainment endeavors in the region, Mark Wahlberg’s potential departure seems unlikely, despite the sale of his townhouse. His continued presence in Las Vegas appears to be an ongoing chapter in his evolving career and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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