Marty Scurll reportedly no longer the head booker for ROH

Last year, Marty Scurll re-signed with ROH after the company offered him a lucrative deal and made him the head booker. Many were expecting Scurll to head over to AEW and join his friends – The Elite, as he was the only member of the faction not signed with the promotion.



In late June, Scurll was one of the many people in the wrestling business accused of sexual harassment. Since then, Scurll had apologized for his actions and has been inactive on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Now, Dave Meltzer reports on Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Scurll is no longer the head booker in the company. Hunter Johnston aka Delirious has resumed his position as the head of creative and Scurll is said to have been on a “hiatus”.

It is highly unlikely that Scurll will return as a performer any time soon. The next step in Scurll’s wrestling career remains to be seen.

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