Maryse Lets Out Her Goods In Elevator Photo

Maryse took to her Instagram and uploaded a gorgeous photo of herself in a black dress, where her cleavage was clearly visible as well. She was having a great time with her husband The Miz in Las Vegas.





Maryse, a former WWE Divas Champion, rose to prominence as one of the shining stars in the women’s division during the early 2010s. Not only did she leave an indelible mark on the industry, but she also formed a power couple with her real-life husband, The Miz, making them one of the most beloved duos in WWE. However, despite her achievements and iconic status, Maryse has not completely ruled out the possibility of returning to the ring.

Last year, Maryse made a much-anticipated return to WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW, to promote the season premiere of her reality show, Miz & Mrs. This marked her first appearance on the show since her last in-ring competition at the Royal Rumble in 2022, where she teamed up with The Miz in a thrilling encounter against Edge and Beth Phoenix.

In an interview with CBS affiliate KOIN 6, Maryse discussed her current priorities as a parent and how they impact her ability to commit to a full-time wrestling schedule. While acknowledging the challenges that come with being a professional wrestler and a mother, she made it clear that she hasn’t completely closed the door on a return to the ring.

When asked about the possibility of stepping back into the squared circle, Maryse expressed her familiar sentiment of never saying never. Reflecting on her previous statements about retirement after WrestleMania with The Miz in 2016 and then after having her first child, only to return to the ring four months later, she emphasized that circumstances can change. Despite her reservations and concerns about potential injuries due to her role as a parent, Maryse’s passion for the sport continues to flicker.

“It’s great [being in the ring] and that’s — I always say never. ‘I’m never gonna be back in the ring’ and I’ve said that after WrestleMania with [The Miz], that was 2016. Then I had a baby, I said, ‘Nope, never. I think I’m done.’ Four months later, I was back in the ring then I had a second baby, ‘We’re really done.’ No, back in the ring again so I really — I can’t at this point. I think I’ll be back again. I always say I don’t wanna be back because I don’t wanna get hurt because I have children and it’s hard to commit to this. This is an extreme sport. It’s hard to commit to that and you gotta go full on if you’re going so I love it, but, it’s almost like it’s — it’s not sad in a way. I’m just trying to pull myself out.”

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