Maryse Shows Floatation Devices With Sister In Photo

Maryse took to her Instagram once again and uploaded a stupendous photo of herself in a blue bikini while her sister wore a red swimsuit, as both looked very jolly together.



During an episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, veteran journalist Bill Apter shared his thoughts on John Morrison, The Miz’s former tag team partner. Apter highlighted Morrison’s sarcastic sense of humor, describing him as one of the wittiest individuals he had encountered during his time on the independent wrestling scene.

Apter then proceeded to heap praise upon The Miz, emphasizing the incredible transition he made from being a reality TV star to becoming a professional wrestler. He expressed his admiration for The Miz’s ability to seamlessly navigate between the two worlds, considering it a remarkable feat. Apter also took a moment to acknowledge The Miz’s marriage to Maryse, affectionately referring to her as his “sweetheart.” He described the couple as genuinely kind-hearted individuals and expressed his happiness for their strong and happy union.

“Morrison, when he was on the Independents, he was one of the most sarcastically funny people I have ever met. He was always very entertaining. And The Miz, coming from the world of reality TV to make a complete transition into pro-wrestling, is just amazing. And he married my sweetheart Maryse. I mean, they are really very happily married. I have met both of them together and independently many times. Just really, really nice people,” shared Bill Apter.

Apter’s comments shed light on the personalities of both John Morrison and The Miz, showcasing their entertaining qualities and underscoring the positive impression they have made on him personally. Their respective journeys in the world of professional wrestling, as well as their genuine and kind-hearted nature, have left a lasting impact on Apter, solidifying his admiration for the talented duo.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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