Match Considered for SmackDown, Sonnen Not Interested In WWE, NXT

– To determine the World Heavyweight Title SummerSlam match, PWInsider reports that WWE officials were considering a “Beat the Clock” challenge for last night’s SmackDown tapings in Austin, Texas but that did not happen.



– As noted before, the WWE developmental website has been re-done and it appears they have totally dropped the FCW name in favor of NXT. The staff is broken down like this:

* Steve Keirn – President
* Dusty Rhodes – Creative Director
* Bill DeMott – Head Trainer
* Joey Mercury – Trainer
* Norman Smiley – Trainer
* Ricky Steamboat – Trainer
* Terry Taylor – Trainer
* Chris Russo – Broadcaster
* Rob Naylor – Creative Assistant

– UFC fighter Chael Sonnen told the New York Post that he has no interest in working with WWE after reports have said he would be interested in a career there post-UFC. Sonnen said:

“I only watch WWE if Stone Cold Steve Austin is on or if CM Punk is wrestling. Other than that, I have no interest.”

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