Matt Gaetz Brutally Rejected By Female Trump Official

Matt Gaetz made some shocking claims about former Trump official Cassidy Hutchinson, going to the extent that he once dated Hutchinson. Cassidy appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, Monday Nights and spoke about a wide variety of topics.



She took down the claim that they ever dated. According to Cassidy, She has higher standards in men. While the two worked together in the Trump administration, they were just colleagues or rather friends and nothing else beyond that point.

Cassidy Hutchinson is a key witness in the last year’s January 6th committee hearings. According to the details shared by Mediaite, Rachel Maddow talked about a passage from Hutchinson’s new book Enough where Cassidy has talked about her interactions with the Florida lawmaker. Maddow said:

There’s also a couple of instances involving Congressman Matt Gaetz. I will omit most of the context here, but I’ll tell you the lines that have kept me up and uncomfortable.

He chuckled and brushed his thumb across my chin. Has anyone ever told you you’re a national treasure?

Matt Gaetz was asked to comment on his claim, but he refused to share anything on the same saying he has no information about the incident/incident(s). It’s clear that this whole information has been scooped up just to divert attention from the topic that matters. In his statement, Matt Gatez stated the following:

I don’t remember either of these events and based on Cassidy’s prior false statements, I doubt they occurred. I did date Cassidy for a few weeks when we were both single years ago. We parted amicably and remained friends thereafter even during President Trump’s post[-]presidency.

Cassidy Hutchinson has an excellent work track record, but the same can’t be said about Matt Gaetz. It would be interesting to see on how this story pans out in the near future. There’s no word from either parties except for the appearance by Cassidy Hutchinson on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.

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