Matt Gaetz Reveals Who Committed Crime For Trump

Conservatives were taken back on Thursday night after Rep. Matt Gaetz told a Twitter Space gathering that he was not “particularly aggrieved” after Oath Keepers founder and President Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 year in prison for his seditious conspiracy and terrorism on January 6, 2021.



Rhodes did not enter the US Capitol, committed no violence, left his weapons in his hotel room, told fellow Oath Keepers to keep their weapons in their hotel rooms, and has no record of planning a violent attack on the Capitol, or anywhere, at any time during his career.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: He stood before a jury. They had every Constitutional privilege afforded defendants. They were found guilty of seditious conspiracy and if they were trying seriously to overthrow the government, 1.) they’re idiots. 2.) They had no chance, and 3.) they probably deserve some punishment. I thought that the sentences would be less than they were, so I was a bit surprised by the duration but I wasn’t particularly aggrieved by them.

For the record, Rep. Matt Gaetz went to the DC Gulag with Marjorie Taylor Greene and former Rep. Louie Gohmert back in July 2021. Gaetz also famously told Steve Bannon, “We’re ashamed of nothing.” regarding the arguments Republicans made in reference to the highly controversial and suspect January 6 proceedings.

The blood-thirsty Marxists would love nothing more than to indict Matt Gaetz on junk charges and send him away for several years. Hopefully, this will never happen. And hopefully there will be men and women to speak out if it does.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
A dedicated pro wrestling follower for more than a decade

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